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Shark Daycare

Fishing the past 3 weeks at Port Bolivar, Texas has been tough to say the least. Its summer time so the water is heating up, a tropical depression just passed through and dumped a ton of fresh water on us, and our water is more clear now than it has ever been. On top of all of that, its like we are running a shark daycare right now.

We’ve caught a variety of fish but certainly not the size we’ve been looking for lately for our #landbasedsharkfishing tournament. Other fishermen are doing much the same with minimal mid-sized sharks reportedly caught. There is no consistency right now around here. You may have one good day and then the next two days not catch a thing and this isn’t just for shark fishing. We have been changing up our bait, our location, our distances, our methods, our strategies – we can’t buy a big bite.

Small sharks are a dime a dozen right now so it appears that the area of the Gulf of Mexico surrounding Port Bolivar is a nursery for shark pups currently. We are catching them both from the boat around the jetty as well as from the beach. In fact, we caught a 15” Blacktip pup from the beach today. Do the mothers’ appetites suppress, do they give birth and leave the area, or are we just in the wrong place at the wrong time?

In the meantime, we are putting our lighter #Bullbuster line and tackle to good use.

We are ready for the big bite again. Until then we are going to continue to Bait Up and Send It!

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