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Finatical Fishing Gear
finatical fishing
finatical fishing gear




Finatical Fishing started out on the shores of the Gulf of Mexico.  Looking back over the past twenty years, we can't count how many times we traveled to the beach.  It calls to us.  There is simply no other way to describe it.  Our family truly eats, sleeps, and breathes fishing.  From fishing local lakes and rivers to fishing from the beach or inshore and offshore at the ocean, we can't get enough. 


Every aspect is loved: each store we enter is to the fishing section first, teaching others our passion, sharing tips and gathering information, speaking to locals, paddling out on a rough surf, dragging a shark up from the surf to release it quickly, bass tournaments, fishing stories, kayak fishing on the river, seeing the other boats and even helicopters at the oil rigs,  the excitement on our children's faces, wade fishing for trout, and so much more.  None of it ever grows old. 


In all things fishing we believe in conservation as well as respect for the water, land, and animals.  At the end of the day, our family is consistently drawn to water.  We are absolutely finatical about fishing. 


Bait up & Send it y'all!

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