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Share the Ocean

We have a boat too. We spend half of our time out in the boat fishing and the other half #landbasedsharkfishing. We love them both. Today, we land-based shark fished. Our rods are up off the beach on a tower that puts the rod tips approximately 17 feet off the ground. We have four lines set, varying distances, ranging from 500 yards offshore to 700 yards offshore. We are patiently awaiting the sound of the clicker taking off when we see this boat headed our direction way to close to the beach just cruising the coastline.

Now, we get it. Some people don’t know that people are fishing from the beach or they just don’t care (needless to say - children are swimming, people are wade fishing...). These people also don’t understand how far out some of us take our lines. We start waving and trying to get their attention but to no avail. As the boat passes by right in front of us, we hear the clickers start screaming but not in the way that we wanted to. Two out of four of our reels got spooled in front of our faces as we felt completely helpless. Those of you who fish, know all too well what this means we have lost.

While we are fishing from the beach griping about the boaters and jet skiers, I am sure that they are in turn griping about the beach fishermen. We all just need a bit of education about each other’s sport so that we can all share the ocean. There is plenty to go around. #baitupandsendit


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