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Bullbuster Brand Up to the Task

We’ve been fishing from the beach at Port Bolivar for many years. Over the years we have learned a lot and have accordingly stepped up our game.  Even so, we have only caught and really only ever heard of 5 to 6 foot sharks being caught here.

We have tried many different lines over the years and boy was that a learning process too.  Recently, we decided to try our luck with Bullbuster line and just received our first order of bulk line to spool up for the season.

The night before our day of #landbasedsharkfishing we sat on the patio and spooled up with braid and then topped it off with #bullbuster 80lb mono. The next morning we added a leader and bait and set our lines ready to test out the new brand. We fished all day and caught fish throughout the day including a 5’ 6” bull shark which we were pretty proud of.

This is our first year to participate in the #texassharkrodeo and we are very north compared to the other teams. The other teams are kicking butt on shark species we don’t have here and sizes that seem far out of reach for us.

All of a sudden, one of our clickers goes off and it is clear immediately that this is a much larger shark than we have previously caught.  Of course it had to be on a new line that we knew nothing about and on 80lb versus a stronger weight.  There are many things that can go wrong when bringing a shark onto the beach but none of them did.  Everything worked exactly like it was supposed to and the 80lb mono was certainly put to the test.  At no point in the fight did we think our shark was going to be over seven feet but when we had her in the shallow we realized just how wrong we were.

#TeamFinaticalFishing had just landed a female 8’ 3” bull shark with a girth of 55”. That is not something that is common around here.   Bullbuster brand lives up to its name.  #baitupandsendit @finaticalgear

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